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Thank you for your patience and flexibility this 2020 Season.

We are so lucky to be supported by such a wonderful community!

Based on your feedback:

There will be two changes made for our upcoming growing season.


We will now be offering Flower Share CSAs for doorstep or workplace delivery. We hope this change will help reach more homes and businesses in our community and the surrounding Lake Kosh area.


 By freeing up our market Saturdays, we can give more attention to floral design for weddings, catering, and restaurant special events. Please contact us for more information and to schedule a free consultation for your next event. 


Whether you:

have farm-fresh flowers delivered straight to your door,
order a weekly CSA to bring home for your
beautiful wife,

or book us for your next special event; 

We are super excited to try something new and look forward to seeing you again for an abundant 2021 Season!

Be well. 

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